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Vista Geomatics Dimensional Surveys

Services for Heavy Industrial & Commercial

Vista Geomatics provides dimensional survey services to the petrochemical and construction industries for the purposes of dimensional control surveys and quality control, ensuring first time fit of structures and allowing the client to achieve an on schedule completion date.

Pre Job Planning

We review all IFC drawings and engineered documents to perform pre job start calculations.

Site Control

Survey crews will accurately calculate, layout, and verify on a consistent basis.

Construction Projects

Precision layout of piles, gridlines, forms, and anchor bolts. Assist various trades with layout and elevation challenges and provide accurate as-builts to the client.

Heavy Industrial Earthworks

Planning and layout of deep underground facilities, layout of services installed, and verification throughout the build process.

Modular Fabrication

We provide accurate dimensional reports on modular structures during fabrication including; level, square, plumb, and spool projections.

Oil Sands Operations

Experienced crews can assist with surveying throughout all phases of build; planning, construction, commissioning.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

We provide third-party QA/QC services to clients throughout industrial, petroleum and commercial industries.